About Us

Fashion Art Creativity and Expressing is my ideal.
My clothing design style reflects me and my own unique style. I find that I love vintage clothing style and fabrics, from the Victorian to the Edwardian periods but I also have deep appreciation of all things vintage from other eras prior to the 80's. I take shapes styles from each periods and I re-design these treasures into unique modern designs.
I create custom looks for myself and my clients that uniquely fit my/their personality through interaction and listening to likes and dislikes and comfort levels.
The principle aim of the label is to produce beautiful wearable clothes with an edge. Although it recognises trends it is not dictated by trends.
I come from a tailoring background having studied the art of traditional bespoke tailoring. Therefore cut is the most important element of the design process. We use a lot of recycled/found fabrics, buttons trims which are in small quantities the cut therefore most make the most of these materials. The use of recycled fabrics also gives an element of one-off originality to each piece. The cut stays the same in a particular garment but often they will be lined trimmed with varying materials - Callecia J Brown